The Great Resignation: Will The Millions Quitting Their Jobs Now Come To Regret It?

Right now, a record number of workers are quitting their jobs — 4.4 million last month alone —  at a time when employers are desperate to hire.

The reasons why are many. But simply put, workers are no longer willing to put up with the pay and working conditions they accepted prior to the COVID pandemic.

So it’s not a huge surprise then that — given the relative scarcity of workers, as well as urgent hiring

needs to address pinch points in supply chains, plus fast-rising inflation — wages are starting to go up.

Employees are finally clawing a little power back.

Have the tables turned? Are we now entering a new a golden era for workers and early retirees?

Or may today’s quitters wake up tomorrow with regret?

I share my conclusions on the current “Great Resignation” phenomenon in this short explainer video: