Super-Strong US Dollar Is De-Stabilizing All Other Fiat Currencies – When Will It End? | Gordon Long


The US dollar has strengthened so much and so quickly this year that it has become a juggernaut, trampling pretty much every other asset.

What repercussions is this creating? And how much longer is it likely to continue?

For answers, we turn to market analyst Gordon Long, who just issued a report on this exact topic this morning.

A Collapse In Fiat Currencies Within The Next 2 Years? | Alasdair Macleod


Is it really possible that the world’s major fiat currencies could be replaced soon, perhaps by a hard-asset backed solution?

Today’s guest expert, Alasdair Macleod believes so, having the made the case on this channel a few months ago.

We check in with Alasdair here to see how developments since his last appearance are affecting his outlook, as well as to hear his latest predictions for the price action for gold & silver.