Doomberg: Europe Can’t Wake Up From Its Energy Nightmare

Energy analyst Doomberg returns to the program to explain just how cornered Europe is in terms of energy.

Currently, it’s dependent on Russia for natural gas that can’t be sufficiently replaced by alternate means for at least several years.

So Europe will be forced to continue to remain vulnerable to its Russian supplier for the foreseeable future.

Decades of poor policy has led to this fate.

Will Europe be able to chart a more resilient course from here?

It’s unclear at this point

, as several of the most promising options are still being ignored/decommissioned.

For an in-depth analysis of how “energy access” increasingly equals “destiny” for nations, watch this newly-released interview with the team at Doomberg.

And access the article mentioned in the video by clicking HERE.

Doomberg: Energy & Economic Crises Are Resulting From Our Bone-Headed Policies

Spiking energy prices in oil, natural gas and other key fuels are the direct result from bone-headed policies.

Doomberg returns to remind us that “energy is life”, and when you mess with energy, you mess with all of the systems we depend on.

He also explains what’s wrong with the popular ESG movement — notably, that we have over-focused on the “E” to the sacrifice of the “G”.

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