‘Major Wipeout’ Of Fiat Currencies This Year To Cut Dollar In Half? | Alasdair Macleod


The US dollar crushed nearly every other currency in 2022, though it’s off nearly 10% from last year’s highs now.

While much debate currently centers around whether the dollar will weaken further will or resume its run higher in 2023, today’s guest is more concerned about how much longer it has left as the pre-eminent currency in the world.

When Alasdair Macleod, head of Research for GoldMoney, was on this program last, he made a dire prediction that the world’s major fiat currencies were in the process of failing — far faster than many were imagining.

He returns to the

program today to update us on the latest details & timing of his outlook.

Russia Sanctions Sure To Create Painful & Unexpected Ripple Effects | Brent Johnson


With the world issuing new economic sanctions on Russia following its current incursion into Ukraine, the value of the Russian ruble, as measured in dollars, is plunging.

News reports abound of Russians scrambling to exchange money for dollars, though Russian authorities are putting measures in place to thwart that.

We’re fortunate to be joined briefly here today by Brent Johnson, fund manager at Santiago Capital who is well-known for his Dollar Milkshake Theory which predicts that as instability

& crisis occurs in the world, it will drive demand for the US dollar — which we appear to be seeing playing out in real time right now.