Jim Rickards: Surprised? The U.S. Market Looks Best-Positioned In The Long Run


The global economy is stumbling. And not just for financial reasons like the increasing cost of debt.

Macro expert James Rickards returns for Part 2 our interview to explain why he predicts disinflation/deflation will overwhelm today’s inflation in 2023.

He also shares the portfolio allocation that he thinks will fare best over the coming market turbulence — offering his thoughts on stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, energy producers & private equity.

Stephanie Pomboy: Should Deflation Worry Us More Than Inflation?


The world is understandably panicked about inflation right now.

Prices are increasing by double-digit percentages across much of the world.

Which is why the Federal Reserve and many other of the major central banks are hiking interest rates aggressively. 

In fact, just today Fed Chair Jerome Powell warned markets to expect hikes to continue & to give up hope of a policy “pivot”.

But despite all this, could deflation actually be the bigger threat we should be worried about?

Macro analyst Stephanie Pomboy thinks so.

In fact, she expects our

current inflation worries will be a distant memory by the end of 2023 because we’ll be then mired in a disinflationary/deflationary morass.

To learn her reasons why, watch today’s interview with Stephanie Pomboy.

Is Deflation, Not Inflation, The Bigger Long-Term Threat? Stephanie Pomboy


Inflation remains the center-stage villain in the economy right now, with the latest Consumer Price Index coming in at a 41 year high of 8.6%

But is there a bigger bad lurking behind the scenes?

Could deflation be the real threat here, just waiting to pounce after today’s hot inflation has burned itself out?

To explore this, I’m thrilled to welcome Stephany Pomboy back to the program. She’s been concerned about the deflation spectre for a good while.

Stephanie has also

recently done a wonderful job guest-hosting this program, and I thought it high time turn the camera back on her for a dedicated interview.

WATCH Stephanie’s bonus video at https://wealthion.com/pomboy