Luke Gromen: Ballooning Deficit Caused By Higher US Debt Costs Likely To Force The Fed To Pivot


With the aggressive return of higher interest rates, the gargantuan piles of debt that world nations owe to each other suddenly become a lot more worrisome.

Higher interest rates means higher debt service costs. Which means less money left over for governments to fund their operations.

Today’s guest, macro analyst Luke Gromen, has long warned that the world has been heading into a massive sovereign debt crisis.

Have today’s rising interest rates just accelerated the day of reckoning? And what will such a reckoning look like?

In this video, we dive deep with Luke for answers.

The Pension Crisis Is So Much Worse Than We Realize | Ted Siedle


It’s estimated that there are over 50 million pensioners in the United States alone.

Like the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Germany and many other countries around the world are all in concerning condition when it comes to the solvency of their pension funds.

The recent book, How To Steal A Lot of Money Legally authored by Ted Siedle was written to give guidance, resources, and tools for today’s pension stakeholders & society so that they

can take action… and stop the looting.

Ted is a former SEC attorney. His firm, Benchmark Financial Services, Inc. has pioneered over $1 trillion in forensic investigations of the money management industry. He’s nationally recognized as an authority on pensions and investment management matters, having testified before the Senate Banking Committee regarding fund scandals and is an expert in various Madoff-related and other litigations.

In 2017, he secured the largest SEC whistleblower award in history of $48 million, and in 2018, the largest CFTC award in history at $30 million.

European & Global Economies Are Dangerously Fragile | Diego Parrilla


Inflation and slowing economic growth is affecting all corners of the globe these days, but perhaps nowhere as much as Europe — which is also dealing with a massive energy crisis.

We spend a lot of time focusing on the US economy on this program, 1) because the majority of this channel’s viewers reside in the US and 2) it has the world’s largest economy and, for better or worse, what happens in America drives much of the action the rest

of the world reacts to.

But today we’re going to get a European perspective, both on the action in the US as well as the major challenges Europe is grappling with.

For that, we welcome Diego Parrilla, Managing Director of Quadriga Asset Manager back to the program.