Dallas Fed Article: Real-Time Market Monitoring Finds Signs of Brewing U.S. Housing Bubble

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Home Prices To Drop 10-30% Later This Year?

With home prices at all-time highs, many (including the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas!) are warning the US is back in a housing bubble.

One that is suddenly facing a lot of potential pins that threaten to burst it.

Fast rising mortgage rates, record unaffordability, a weakening consumer, a slowing economy, new inventory coming online — the list is long and growing fast.

How likely is a coming correction for the housing market?

If one occurs, how bad could it be?

Which markets are most vulnerable? And which look best positioned?

For answers to these important questions, I sit down with real estate analyst Nicholas Gerli.

The punchline? Nick expects the US housing market to drop by 10-30% this year.

Whether you’re a home owner, a renter, a potential home seller or buyer, you’ll want to watch this brand-new interview with Nicholas Gerli.

Rare John Hussman Interview: We’re In The Biggest Speculative Price Bubble In Modern History

By most metrics, today’s financial assets have never been more richly-valued.

Bears fear this is another asset bubble that will destructively implode.

But bulls just smile and count their money, as they continue to enjoy amazing returns in this market, in nearly every asset class one can think of.

So who’s right?

To address this, I reached out to my friend John Hussman, one of the most analytically-rigorous fund managers out there.

John is widely respected on Wall Street for

correctly identifying both the 2001 Dot-com and 2008 housing bubbles as they grew AND positioning his clients advantageously in advance of their bursting.

When it comes to recognizing asset bubbles, John is THE expert.

In this rare interview (he only gives one or two a year) John explains why he thinks we’re in the largest asset price bubble in modern history and that a disappointing decade lies ahead for unprepared investors.