The Crash In Home Prices Is Now Underway. Expect Them To Fall 30%+ | Nick Gerli


It now hard to deny that the housing bubble 2.0 popped in 2022 as mortgage rates more than doubled.

But the fallout, especially the in terms of price declines, has likely only just begun. The real damage from this bubble burst should occur over the coming year.

How bad is it likely to get?

And where will the pain be felt most?

For answers we turn to housing analyst Nick Gerli of re:venture Consulting, who is kindly returning to the program to provide his latest outlook.

“The Math No Longer Works” As Sky-High Mortgages Pop Housing Bubble | Wolf Richter


“After mind-boggling ridiculous spikes, home prices in most markets are dropping. And in some markets, they’re plunging at the fastest pace on record And in some cases, they’re going down faster than they’d spiked on the way up. And it’s just the beginning.”

So says analyst Wolf Richter in his recent post “The Housing Bubble Has Popped, and the Fed Can Let it Rip”

Just how bad may things get from here? We sit down with Wolf to find out.

Largest Market Bubble Of Our Lifetime Is Now Bursting, So Own This | Stephanie Pomboy


In this Part 2 of our interview with macro analyst Stephanie Pomboy, she directly states that we are witnessing the bursting of the largest asset price bubble of our lifetimes.

Building on her prediction in Part 1 that deflation will soon displace inflation as the primary threat to wealth, Stephanie sees the prices of most stocks, bonds, houses and alternative assets as heading materially lower over the rest of the year.

Stephanie then shares her picks

for where capital should seek safety in this declining & highly volatile environment.

To learn what they are, watch this Part 2 video of our interview with Stephanie Pomboy.