‘It’s Gonna Get Ugly’ In The Markets As Earnings Disappoint | Bill Fleckenstein


Investor and macro analyst Bill Fleckenstein returns for Part 2 of our interview with him, to share his concerns about the current bear market not being over.

A veteran short seller who has been on the sidelines for years, Bill is now back actively shorting the market to an extent he hasn’t done for a long time.

Bill expects things to “get ugly” as Q3 earnings disappoint and 2023 forecasts are downgraded. He also expects the Fed to be forced to pivot at some point by instability that’s NOT going to be bullish for stocks.

Bill Fleckenstein: Bond Market Rebellion = ‘Game Over’ For Central Bank Control


The global economy runs on credit, so when there’s trouble in the credit markets, EVERYTHING hangs in the balance.

Bond yields have been rising fast around the world this year. So fast in some cases, that things are starting to break.

Just this past week, the UK credit market started melting down — forcing the Bank of England to engineer a desperate rescue by buying 65billion-pounds worth of gilts on the open market.

How worried should we be about

instability in our credit markets? To find out, we talk with investor and analyst Bill Fleckenstein of Fleckenstein Capital.

Bill Fleckenstein: Bond Vigilantes Starting To Revolt Against The Fed


Bonds have certainly seen wild action recently:

The 10 year US Treasury note yielded 1.29% last August. It now yields 2.9%. That’s more than a doubling.

30 year fixed mortgage rates in the US averaged 2.77% last August. They’re now over 5%.

Many yield curves inverted last month. That’s one of the most dependable predictors we have of coming recession.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the quarter that just ended was the worst quarter for bonds in more than 40 years.

So, what is this “trouble in the bond market” telling us?

To find out, we brought back analyst & investor Bill Fleckenstein to decipher the recent action.

Spoiler alert: he thinks the worst is still ahead for bonds.

To learn why & what that will mean for the markets at large, watch this new interview with Bill Fleckenstein.