“All Things Money” Q&A: New Year, New Markets? Or Will The Bear Refuse To Leave?


“All Things Money” Q&A with Expert Financial Advisors: Lance Roberts & New Harbor on Monday, January 9th, 2023 @ 8:00am PST

Jim Rogers: Worst Recession + Worst Bear Market Of Our Lifetime Approaching Fast


As we approach the end of one of the most tumultuous years for the markets in decades, investors minds are turning towards what to expect in 2023.

Well, if you want to know where we’re likely headed, it’s often best to seek the counsel of a veteran expert who’s seen and studied it all.

Which is why I’m thrilled to welcome Jim Rogers to the program today — he’s a legendary international investor, financial commentator and author of

several books including the best-seller “Hot Commodities”

On his previous appearances on this program, Jim warned us of an approaching bear market — well, we certainly got that in spades in this year. We’ll ask him if he expects it to continue in 2023, and whether he thinks a substantial recession is in the cards.

Michael Pento: These Are The Best Assets To Own For The 2023 Bear Market


Money manager Michael Pento returns for Part 2 of our interview with him about investing in the current bear market.

Michael thinks it could fall by an additional 30-60% over the coming year, depending on Fed policy response to inflation.

He continues to recommend investors own his “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” assets: cash, long USD dollar plays, equity shorts & bonds.

Bonds have had a terrible year. But he thinks the current environment is very favorable

for US Treasurys.

He’s also becoming increasingly bullish on gold and the precious metals miners.