Is The Fed Condemning Us To Stagflation? | Axel Merk

Markets remain quite bruised and bat

tered as investors digest the results of last week’s Federal Reserve Open Market Committee decisions & Chairman Powell’s latest guidance.

The Fed continues talking tough about its commitment to fighting inflation. Is it willing to sacrifice the markets in this pursuit?

To discuss this, we welcome back Axel Merk, President and Chief Investment Officer of Merk Investments to the program. Axel is one of the most connected Fed-watchers we know, and he just spent time at a closed-door event with several of the top economic policymakers in the country, like former US Treasury Secretary & Director of the National Economic Council Larry Summers and James Bullard, St Louis Fed President.

We also discuss the new staglation ETF Axel and his team just launched (ticker: STGF)

Time For The Gold Mining Sector To Shine? Fundamentals Look Very Compelling | Axel Merk

The prospects for companies in the gold mining sector have rarely ever looked better.

Balance sheets are strong, management is experienced, outlook for the underlying gold & silver precious metals is optimistic, and many of the big players are nicely profitable and have solid cash flows.

M&A activity is starting to pick up in the smaller development & exploration players, which is where Axel Merk, manager of a gold mining fund, expects the biggest returns to take place.

And most important, he thinks we are still in the early phase of this bull market in miners.