Stocks Could Fall Sharply In 2022 Warns Latest Technical Data & Volatility Indicators | Sven Henrich


On Wednesday, we sent you Part 1 of our interview with technical analyst Sven Henrich.

In it, he made the macro case that markets are at their most over-valued levels in all of history.

Here in Part 2, Sven conducts a detailed walk-through of the charts he is famous for, and explains how technical analysis is showing that market internals are swiftly eroding.

Volatility is on the rise.

The Dow, the Nasdaq and the Russell have all recently experienced failed breakouts.

And despite the prices of the major indices being propped up by a scant few big tech names, many of the individual stocks within them are down hard this year.

With the Federal Reserve’s taper starting, Sven sees that could serve as the trigger to send the market’s house of cards toppling next year.

This new video, the second in our 3-part series with Sven, provides an abundance of data no prudent investor should ignore.

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