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Visionary Raoul Pal joins Anthony Scaramucci on “Speak Up” to explore the pivotal phenomenon of the Bitcoin halving and its monumental impact on the cryptocurrency market. Raoul Pal, a leading voice in finance, shares his compelling perspective on why Bitcoin is not just a revolutionary digital asset but arguably the best investment humanity has ever seen. But what does the future hold? Amid growing enthusiasm, there’s an underlying curiosity about the sustainability of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and other digital assets. Raoul and Anthony dive deep into the evolving landscape of crypto bear markets, offering insights into how investors can navigate the peaks and valleys with strategic confidence. Furthermore, the episode takes an intriguing turn towards the future, discussing the increasingly significant role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of investing. How will AI redefine the strategies, risks, and ethical considerations in financial markets? This conversation not only enlightens but also equips you with the knowledge to face the dynamic future of investing head-on. Join us for an episode that bridges the gap between traditional investment wisdom and the frontier of digital assets and technology.

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