A Different Choice in Wealth Management 

WindRock’s name is inspired by a majestic rock off the coast in the Pacific Ocean. A timeless anchor of stability, it symbolizes WindRock’s role in navigating a windy and uncertain world. 

Our investment philosophy’s core belief is that investment success in today’s increasingly uncertain world requires a strong focus on assessing the prevailing macroeconomic “big picture” combined with an entrepreneurial mindset to seize on unique investment opportunities. 

Our Values
Navigating the financial markets requires common sense, adherence to a sound economic philosophy, and a keen comprehension of human history and behavior. Our independence reinforces the alignment of incentives with clients to promote and ensure our role as trusted advisors.As entrepreneurial-minded advisors, we emphasize independent and creative thought to boldly seize opportunities while minimizing risks.

WindRock’s tailored solutions, combined with our research, expertise, partnerships, and dynamic business model creates an approach to wealth management that is client-focused and not found in our industry. 
Our Economic Views

We are economic thought leaders following the free-market oriented Austrian economics, whereas most advisors follow Keynsian Economics and tout the merits of money printing and government intervention. Global central banks have printed tens of trillions of dollars out of thin air as global debts exploded. Yet most advisory firms act like this is just another “normal” investment environment and allocate capital the way they’ve always done so. In our opinion, this is not a normal environment and requires an acute understanding that the pillars of the world are now built on a mirage of bubbles with serious consequences for growing and protecting wealth. 

To combat ongoing economic weakness, governments are employing unprecedented fiscal and monetary interventions like spending, debt issuance, and central bank activity; however, while these may temporarily palliate conditions, they cannot resolve structural issues and will likely drive high inflation through money creation, eroding portfolio returns and purchasing power. Consequently, the conventional approach of static asset allocations will fail investors by not delivering adequate yields, preserving capital after inflation, or securing retirement, unlike WindRock’s understanding of these risks and ability to position clients to minimize downside risk and capitalize on opportunities.

Put these insights into action.

This is why we created Wealthion. To bring you the insights of some of the world’s experienced wealth advisors and then connect you with like-minded, independent financial professionals who will create and manage an investment plan custom-tailored to you. We only recommend products or services that we believe will add value to our audience.  Some links on our website are affiliate links. This means that if you click on them and use the affiliate’s services, we may receive a payment from the vendor at no additional cost to you. 

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