Investing For The End Of The World As We Know It | Intl Stocks, Gold & Real Estate


Given his concerns that world governments are destroying the value of their fiat currencies while reducing the freedom & liberty of the people they serve, global macro analyst Marc Faber explains what today’s concerned investors can do with their investment portfolios to protect themselves. Marc Faber: Investing For The End Of The World As We Know It | Intl Stocks, Gold & Real Estate.

[If you haven’t yet watched Part 1 of this interview, watch it first here:]

In this Part 2 of our interview with global macro analyst Marc Faber, Marc provides his preferred investments and recommended portfolio allocation for the future he sees coming.

Marc favors an allocation of:
25% global equities (with a heavy weighting towards Emerging Markets)
25% global bonds
25% precious metals (gold, silver & platinum)
25% real estate

For those considering putting Marc’s insights into practice in their own portfolio, we recommend working under the guidance of a professional financial advisor who understands and appreciates the threats and risks discussed in this interview. You’d be surprised how few do.

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