Lyn Alden: Underinvestment To Result In Chronic Supply Shortages


Yesterday we sent you Part 1 of our interview with macro analyst Lyn Alden.

In it she explained why she sees the world heading into economic deceleration.

One where economic activity slows, perhaps even contracts — while the costs of living remain stubbornly high.

Here in Part 2, Lyn shines a spotlight on how chronic under-investment in the exploration & development for many key natural resources the economy needs — like energy, agriculture, and mining — has been going on for over a decade.

And still remains the case to this day.

As a result, input prices will likely remain elevated for years & shortages will likely become more commonplace.

How will this impact our standard of living?

And does this trend offer any noteworthy investment opportunities?

For her take on these and more, watch Part 2 of our interview with Lyn Alden.

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