Is The Bear Market Over? Or Will Prices Drop Further? Q&A w/ Wealthion Financial Advisors


Is the bear market over?

Or will prices drop further from here?

Will inflation start to slow? Or will it get worse?

Are we headed into a recession?

And depending on the answers to the above, what should investors be doing today in preparation?

All of these questions, plus any others you can think to ask, are fair game in our monthly LIVE Q&A with Wealthion’s recommended financial advisors.

No question is too big or too small to ask. Nor too specific to your personal situation.

The live session will begin Monday at 3pmET/noonPT. On the panel will be John Llodra and Mike Preston of New Harbor Financial, Lance Roberts of RIA Advisors, and I’ll be moderating the event.

Put these insights into action.

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