“Incredibly Stupid” Central Banks Have Created “A Recipe For Disaster” | Dylan Grice


Dylan Grice warns “Incredibly Stupid” central banks have created “A Recipe For Disaster”.

As the continuing $trillions in central bank intervention distort asset prices ever higher, investors are forced to make an uncomfortable choice

Do they ride this wave, and risk being wiped out if it crashes?

Or do they seek safety now and risk being left behind as inflation eats away at their capital?

Widely-respected fund manager Dylan Grice is choosing to stay in the game…but like many investors today, he hates how dangerous it’s become to do so.

The vast majority of recent experts interviewed on this program have been extremely skeptical of today’s record-high market valuations & most of them predict a painful market correction lies ahead in the coming months.

This is why one of the more common comments I receive is “can you bring on someone who has a bullish outlook for the markets?”

Absolutely. In fact, I’ll do that right now, in this video.

But as they say, “be careful what you wish for”. As his reasons for expecting even higher prices from here aren’t happy ones.

Dylan Grice is the co-founder of Calderwood Capital and author of the highly-respected macro research publication Popular Delusions. In this video, he explains why, despite his conviction that the current central bank intervention will ultimately end poorly, he remains reluctantly bullish asset prices will move higher from here.

Then, in Part 2, he explains his firm’s highly unconventional investing strategy, which seeks to insulate itself from much of risks we discussed in this interview.

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