Contagion! Evergrande, Inflation, Shortages & Fed Taper To Worsen Slowing Economy | Jim Bianco (PT1)

The world has become a lot more volatile over the past few weeks.

Markets are lurching up & down as investors have become suddenly concerned about contagion — and not just from the new COVID variants, but contagion from the failure of big players in China, like Evergrande, and contagion from rising input costs caused by both stimulus and snarled global supply chains.

A mind-boggling amount of money — tens of trillions of dollars worth of

monetary & fiscal stimulus — has been issued around the world since the pandemic broke out last year. But the global economy is slowing fast, led by Asia — and China in particular.

How can the boost to the economy from such a massive flood of money already be over?

How worried should we be? And what are the likely implications?

To tackle these important questions, I’m thrilled to welcome Jim Bianco back onto the program.

Jim is President and Macro Strategist at Bianco Research, where he provides objective, incisive commentary that challenges consensus thinking. across monetary policy, the intersection of markets and politics, the role of government in the economy, fund flows and positioning in financial markets

A ‘Stiff Correction’ For Markets In 2022? | Jim Bianco: Fed Culpability & SEC Crypto Crackdown (PT2)

Our interview with macro researcher Jim Bianco continues here in Part 2, where Jim offers his assessment on the likelihood of a coming correction, as well as which asset classes he favors for the current market environment.

He also has a lot more to say about the Federal Reserve as well the breaking developments regarding the SEC’s tighter stance on cryptocurrencies. Jim thinks SEC Chair Gary Gensler and US Treasury head Janet Yellen are

starting a crackdown on Bitcoin and its counterparts in preparation of a CBDC (digital dollar or FedCoin)

Uranium Is Up Over 60% In The Past Month! Here’s Why.

Suddenly, uranium is in the spotlight. It’s price has jumped by over 60% in the past month.

To understand why, we sat down with the man whose fund just moved the market by buying 10 millions pounds of it in the past few weeks – John Ciampaglia, CEO of Sprott Asset Management.

His firm focuses on providing the retail market with opportunities to in

vest in real assets, and it has been in the news of late with the launch of its new Sprott Physical Uranium Trust – which many attribute to the recent price spike in yellowcake uranium.

In this interview with John, we discuss the current state of nuclear power in the global energy mix, the uranium market, the opportunity it offers investors, and the future prospects for the uranium miners.

If you’re looking to understand the fundamentals underlying uranium’s bright future for those who invest in it today, be sure to watch this new video.