Hard Landing Ahead For “Most Over-stimulated Economy Ever”


Suddenly, talk of an approaching recession is everywhere.

While it’s a threat I’ve been warning of for quite a while, voices from the establishment, like Goldman Sachs Chair Lloyd Blankfein, now claim it’s a “very, very high risk”

Even former Federal Reserve Vice Chairs Richard Clarida & Randal Quarles have recently joined the chorus.

But while a recession may indeed lie ahead, it’s not staring us in the face just yet, says macro analyst Wolf Richter.

However, that won’t prevent the financial & housing markets from having a hard landing as the year progresses.

In today’s video he walk us through the data to help us better gauge WHEN a recession could arrive & determine just how “hard” a landing is in store for the markets.

Be sure to watch our just-released interview with Wolf Richter.

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