Gold Price To Spike HIGHER When The Fed Tapers? | Brien Lundin On Precious Metals & Inflation (PT1)


Will gold prices spike higher when the fed tapers? Brian Lundin talks about precious metals and inflation.

More and more veteran investors are turning to gold as inflation rises. Just yesterday, John Paulson, who made billions off of his correct prediction of the 2008 housing bubble bursting, urged investors to buy bullion before the world wakes up to how limited the supply of investible gold actually is.

Gold has had a volatile month — first dropping $40/oz in response to the July payrolls report, and then plummeting nearly another $100/oz within minutes in the flash crash that happened in the pre-market on the next trading day.

In the past, that kind of trauma would have taken gold months, perhaps years, to recover from. But interesting, gold swiftly returned back to the $1,800/oz level it was at before both these recent insults occurred.

Are gold’s days of being bullied into submission behind us?

To answer this question and provide his outlook for the future performance of gold, silver and the stocks of the companies that mine them, we welcome Brien Lundin onto the program. Brien is CEO of Jefferson Financial, publisher and editor of Gold Newsletter which began publication in 1971 when the US dollar went off the gold standard.

Here in Part 1, Brien predicts why a Federal Reserve taper may well indeed serve as the catalyst for the next big upleg in gold & silver prices.

Then in Part 2, Brien explains how to receive leveraged returns on the price performance of gold & silver by investing in mining stocks.

He details out the options for investors, what he looks for when evaluating companies, and reveals two of his current top favored mining stock picks.

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