Get Access to The BIG Private Real Estate Investing Deals Via Crowdfunding | Crowdstreet CIO


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With inflation raging and risk re-pricing in the stock and bond markets, investors are looking towards tangible assets that may hold their value better, especially ones that produce cash flows that will adjust along with inflation.

One of the more popular asset classes that fits that bill is real estate.

Interest in real estate investing has been growing dramatically of late, but the friction in the process makes it a challenge for the regular investor to easily buy in.

Today we’ll talk with Ian Formigle, Chief Investment Officer of Crowdstreet, which offers a new way for investors to more easily tap into this market on the commercial side.

First, I’ll talk with Ian about the dynamics of the commercial real estate market – which covers everything from apartment buildings to office spaces to retail storefronts to factories and hospitals. There are a lot of cross-currents right now presenting both challenges and opportunities for investors.

We’ll then learn about Crowdstreet’s model for providing investors with access to private real estate deals. Crowdfunding models like this are new, only made possible by relative recent regulatory changes – giving access to individual investors they just didn’t have before.

Full disclosure: you have to be an accredited investor to participate in Crowdstreet’s deals, so they aren’t available to everyone. But anyone interested in learning more about real estate investing will benefit from the industry insights Ian shares with us here.

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