Dark Pools, HFTs & Flash Crashes: The Stock Market’s Shark-Infested Waters


Institutional trader Joe Saluzzi continues his revelations of the invisible arms race occuring every day in the financial markets that seeks to exploit regular investors like you and me. Joe Saluzzi: Dark Pools, HFTs & Flash Crashes: The Stock Market’s Shark-Infested Waters.

[If you haven’t yet watched Part 1 of this interview, watch it first here: https://youtu.be/nAu6Ixzopo0]

In this Part 2 of our interview with market structure expert Joe Saluzzi, Joe gets into the specifics of dark pools, high frequency trading, what was responsible for the recent flash crash in gold — and why the likelihood of seeing more such flash crashes in the markets going forward is high.

Joe also gives a strong prediction on whether or not the SEC will approve a Bitcoin ETF within the next year.

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