‘Dr Doom’ Predicts Very Hard Times Ahead For Economy & Financial Markets: Marc Faber


Global macro analyst Marc Faber foresees increasing government intervention resulting in inflation, currency debasement, slowing economic growth, financial crisis and loss of freedoms. These concerns are rooted in his prodigious study of failed monetary and political regimes throughout history. Marc Faber: ‘Dr Doom’ Predicts Very Hard Times Ahead For Economy & Financial Markets

Are you worried about the future?

If so, I can pretty much guarantee you that no matter how concerned your outlook is, it’s still brightly sunny compared to longtime contrarian macro analyst Dr. Marc Faber, editor and publisher of the Gloom Doom Boom report.

Marc is well-known for his global investment view, his skepticism of central planners, and his bold and often contrarian predictions.

Using a global perspective and millennia of historical precedent, Marc sees challenging times ahead.

And safety warning: if you frighten easily, you’ll want to fully strap in before watching further…

The interview then continues in Part 2, where Marc provides his preferred investments and recommended portfolio allocation for the future he sees coming.

As always, we recommend working under the guidance of a professional financial advisor who understands and appreciates the threats and risks discussed in this interview. You’d be surprised how few do.

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