Economy & Markets To Suffer From More Government Bungling


They say there’s no bad situation that the government can’t make even worse.

And that certainly seems to be the case right now.

The government’s extreme intervention has resulted in an economic & financial system now dependent upon ever more stimulus.

But suddenly, there are a number of government-created curveballs — the Federal Reserve taper, gridlock over the fiscal stimulus package, a new tax bill, the debt ceiling showdown, and China’s economic and regulatory tightening that’s leading to crises like Evergrande — that look like they will reduce the flow of stimulus going forward and create a drag on global growth.

To predict what the impact will be on both the economy at large as well as the financial markets, we turn to seasoned investment advisor Ted Oakley.

In this new interview, Ted explains why he predicts a market correction will arrive by earlier 2022 (or sooner) and then shares how he is prudently positioning his clients’ portfolios for that now.

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