Commodities Setting Up To Boom Higher? | Rick Rule & Brien Lundin


Despite starting the year off with stunning price increases, many commodities and the share prices of the companies that produce & service them have been beaten down over the past two months.

Many bruised resource investors are wondering if the worst is now over, or yet to come?

If you’re one of those folks, I’ve got good news for you.

Veteran hard asset investors Rick Rule and Brien Lundin are both so excited by the future prospects of this sector that they pulled together an impromptu webinar this week to update their respective followers on why they think the current price action is a cyclical correction in a much larger secular bull market for commodities – meaning it’s offering a chance to buy in a very attractive valuations before prices resuming rising up to new highs .

Rick and Brien asked me to moderate the discussion, and because I did, they’ve kindly agreed to make the footage of the full event available to the Wealthion audience here.

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