Triple-Whammy: Spiking Inflation, A Slowing Economy & Broken Supply Chains | Michael Every (PT1)

Michael Every, Global Strategist at Rabobank, returns to the program to discuss the trap the world’s central banks are in. Spiking inflation resulting from their stimulus policies is colliding with...

The Next Crisis Will Force A Re-Invention Of The Entire Economy | Rabobank’s Michael Every (PT2)

In this Part 2 of our interview with Rabobank Global Strategist Michael Every, Michael lays out what he thinks are the biggest structural changes that will be made to the...

Gold & Silver Mining Stocks With “10-Bagger” Upside Potential (+ Two “20-Baggers”!) | Jeff Clark

Last week, precious metals mining analyst Jeff Clark gave a presentation at the New Orleans Investment Conference in which he shared the gold and silver mining stocks that he calculates...

What the Next Gold Rush Could Look Like, and My Candidates for the Next 10-Baggers | Jeff Clark

In the video below, precious metals analyst Jeff Clark shares his latest analysis revealing the gold & silver mining stocks that he calculates have the best potential to deliver “10-bagger”...

Stagflation Is Here! High Prices & Falling Growth: What Will It Mean For Markets?

Stagflation is here and that’s bad news for regular folks like us AND the markets AND the overall economy. What is stagflation? For those not quite sure what the term...
The Fed is Under Fire

Danielle DiMartino Booth: The Fed Is Under Fire! Scandal, Succession, Inflation, Taper & CBDC (PT1)

Perhaps no single institution has more impact on the global economy than the US Federal Reserve. And the $trillions in stimulus it and the other major world central banks have...
Time to Get Defensive

Danielle DiMartino Booth: Markets To Suffer, As The Fed Is Stuck In A Trap Of Its Own Making (PT2)

Here in Part 2, Fed-watcher Danielle DiMartino Booth explains why the Fed is guaranteed to make a policy mistake no matter what decision it makes here. Taper or tightening interest...
Why is everything so expensive and out of stock?

Why Is Everything So Expensive & Out Of Stock? | Wolf Richter

The disruption the pandemic has inflicted on global supply chains is really starting to harm consumers. The world has been watching prices rise dramatically this year across nearly all goods...

Neil Howe On The Fourth Turning: How Bad Will It Get, How Long Will It Last & What Comes Next? (PT1)

They say history rhymes. That civilizations and societies tend to follow cycles — boom/bust, feast/famine, war/peace, cultural experimentation/a retrenchment to the “old ways”. Neil Howe, the author of the best-selling...

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