A Global Economic Collapse By 2025? | Simon Hunt


Today we hear from Simon Hunt, one of the world’s foremost experts on the copper industry.

Why talk to a copper analyst?

Because copper is often referred to as “Dr Copper” given its ability to predict turning points in the global economy.

Due to its widespread use across nearly every commercial sector, demand for copper is akin to the economy’s heartbeat, which is why it’s viewed as such a dependable leading indicator of economic health.

So what is Dr Copper telling us now?

It’s telling Simon that extremely volatile times are ahead that will be punctuated by fierce rallies & sharp declines — with the overall trend moving from stagflation to deflation.

By 2025, Simon sees a good chance the massive pile of $trillions in global unserviceable debt will go into default, resulting in an immensely painful economic crisis.

It’s not all doom, though. Simon sees reason for optimism and a return to prosperity once the malinvestment is cleared from the system.

To learn why, watch today’s interview with Simon Hunt.

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