“Controlled Demolition” Of Markets The Fed’s Endgame? | DiMartino Booth


Many argue that Fed policy is the main reason financial assets rose to record highs over the past decade.

Many also argue that the horrible performance of both stocks AND bonds this year are due to a switch in Fed policy.

Which, mind you, was made to combat raging inflation, which can also be argued the Fed is responsible for creating.

So with the Fed now hiking rates and kicking off Quantitative Tightening, right after GDP shrank in Q1, will it pop the bubbles in the financial, housing and jobs markets, plunging us into recession?

To find out, we asked former Fed advisor Danielle DiMartino Booth.

Danielle worked with Richard Fisher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas during the GFC — she knows the Fed, as well as the people running it, very well.

And she predicts that Fed Chair Jerome Powell is much more committed to doing “whatever it takes” to bring inflation under control, even if that means sacrificing the markets or, yes, even starting a recession

To understand why & what that will mean for investors, watch this new video interview with Danielle DiMartino Booth.

Best Assets To Own Now: Danielle DiMartino Booth, Lyn Alden, Stephanie Pomboy & Ivy Zelman


The roundtable of top macro experts Danielle DiMartino Booth, Lyn Alden, Stephanie Pomboy & Ivy Zelman continues here in Part 2.

Watch Part 1 Here: “Dream Team” Roundtable: Alden, DiMartino Booth, Pomboy & Zelman

These analysts share their predictions on which assets they conclude will fare best (and worst) in the coming year given the trends in play.

And if you’d like to learn more about each of these experts, here’s where to go:

— Lyn Alden: lynalden.com
— Daniella DiMartino Booth: quillintelligence.com
— Stephanie Pomboy: macromavens.com
— Ivy Zelman: zelmanassociates.com

Macro Dream Team: Lyn Alden, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Stephany Pomboy & Ivy Zelman


We’re not quite 2 months through the year yet and still 2022 is proving to be one of the most uncertain & challenging years for investors since the Global Financial Crisis ended in 2009.

Inflation is running at a 40 year high while supply chain disruptions stubbornly persist. This has forced the Fed to reverse course, and it’s now pursuing a policy of interest rate hikes that threaten to burst the price bubble in financial assets and potentially

send our slowing economy into recession.

Geopolitical risks, as evidenced by the unfolding developments in the Ukraine, have suddenly roared back to the forefront after years of relative tranquility among nations.

When trying to understand where a complex environment like this is headed, they say two heads are better than one. But things are so complicated today that I think we need to double that to 4 heads.

We are extremely fortunate today to be joined by 4 of the most accomplished macro analysts in the world of online finance. In today’s video, I’ll be moderating a roundtable including:

— Danielle DiMartino Booth, CEO & Chief Strategist of Quill Intelligence
— Lyn Alden, publisher of LynAlden.com
— Ivy Zelman, founder of housing research firm Zelman Associates,
— Stephanie Pomboy, founder of MacroMavens

This is a powerhouse of talent folks. And it required no small amount of sacrifice on each of their parts to make themselves all available at the same time for this roundtable discussion.