Brent Johnson: Does A Dollar Shock Lie Ahead For The Markets? (PT1)


Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital and creator of the Dollar Milkshake Theory warns that those confident that easy Federal Reserve monetary policy and spiking inflation are destroying the US dollar may be surprised to see the USD strengthen (against other fiat currencies) from here.

There’s an old saying: “Buy land. They’re not making any more of it”

Well, you know what they ARE making a lot of more of? Dollars. And Euros, And yen. And yuan.

Since the COVID pandemic hit last year, the Fed, ECB, BOJ & PBOC have increased their balance sheets by a collective $11 trillion — a 50% increase.

As our devalued currencies lose their purchasing power, inflation is now raging at a 13-year high, with the price of many essentials for living — like food, fuel, housing and health care — up double digits from last year.

Where will this end? And what can be done to protect our wealth from this inflation?

To address these questions, we welcome to the program Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital and creator of the Dollar Milkshake Theory.

In this interview, Brent explains why he warns that — despite the ongoing trillions in stimulus being issued and the resulting wave of higher inflation — the dollar has potential to strengthen substantially from here, catching markets by surprise.

And in Part 2, he shares the asset classes he plans to “go to war with” in his portfolio based on what he sees coming in the markets.

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