Bond Expert Predicts Even Lower Asset Prices Ahead | Alfonso Peccatiello


They say the ‘smart money’ is in the bond market.

But that hasn’t kept it from having one of its worst starts to the year ever, as yields have risen substantially since January, bringing prices down hard.

When the bond market speaks loudly like this, the wise investor listens.

As we look at the environment now, what is the bond market telling us is likely to happen next?

To find out, we welcome back macro analyst & former bond portfolio manager Alfonso Peccatiello to the program.

Alf sees credit spreads widening further from here, leading to a repricing of risk across the financial markets.

Which is why he ultimately predicts lower prices for nearly all assets later in the year

For a data-packed & chart-rich explanation why, watch our new interview with Alfonso Peccatiello.

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