Brent Johnson: Does A Dollar Shock Lie Ahead For The Markets? (PT1)

Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital and creator of the Dollar Milkshake Theory warns that those confident that easy Federal Reserve monetary policy and spiking inflation are destroying the US...

Brent Johnson: The 4 Assets To Own In Your Portfolio, Whether Inflation Or Deflation Lie Ahead (PT2)

Brent Johnson tells us the 4 assets to own in your portfolio, whether inflation or deflation lie ahead. Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital and creator of the Dollar Milkshake...

Investing In Farmland: Appreciation, Income & Inflation Protection | Edward Hargroves

SCHEDULE YOUR FREE PORTFOLIO REVIEW with Wealthion’s endorsed financial advisors here: https://wealthion.com/ [Original recording date: 6.2.21] Farmland is one of the most attractive asset classes out there in today’s environment....

Sky-High Inflation To Crash Stocks | Johns Hopkins Economist On Gold & Crypto

Currency expert and highly respected John Hopkins economist Dr Steve Hanke builds on his warning of 9% by the end of 2021 and reveals the asset classes he thinks will...

Inflation To Hit 9% THIS YEAR?: Steve Hanke

Currency expert and highly respected John Hopkins economist Dr Steve Hanke warns that inflation will continue to rise aggressively through the rest of 2021, so high that it will eventually...

Robbed Blind! How Our Unfair Markets Exploit Investors Like You

HFT Expert Joe Saluzzi explains how our unfair markets exploit investors like you. Institutional trader and market structure expert Joe Saluzzi explains how the plumbing of today’s financial markets works,...

Dark Pools, HFTs & Flash Crashes: The Stock Market’s Shark-Infested Waters

Institutional trader Joe Saluzzi continues his revelations of the invisible arms race occuring every day in the financial markets that seeks to exploit regular investors like you and me. Joe...

‘Dr Doom’ Predicts Very Hard Times Ahead For Economy & Financial Markets: Marc Faber

Global macro analyst Marc Faber foresees increasing government intervention resulting in inflation, currency debasement, slowing economic growth, financial crisis and loss of freedoms. These concerns are rooted in his prodigious...

Investing For The End Of The World As We Know It | Intl Stocks, Gold & Real Estate

Given his concerns that world governments are destroying the value of their fiat currencies while reducing the freedom & liberty of the people they serve, global macro analyst Marc Faber...

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