Retirement Reality-Check: Millions Won’t Be Able To Afford To Retire. Will You?

What happens when the majority of people can’t afford to retire? We’re about to find out. A retirement crisis is looming dead ahead. Simply put: we’re not saving enough to...

A Primer On Investing For Inflation-Adjusting Income

This free report focuses on explaining the benefits and risks of the notable options for passive income: Cash & Cash Equivalents Bonds/Loans Dividend-Yielding Stocks Real Estate Business Ownership Through Private...

The Great Rotation: Capital To Dump High-Flying Stocks For Hard Assets | Crescat Capital (PT1)

Inflation is becoming a real problem. The latest data shows the CPI, the annualized consumer price inflation rate, at 6.2%! That’s higher than anything we’ve seen in decades and it’s...

Gold Is Set To Explode Higher & Silver Is Most Under-priced Metal On Earth | Crescat Capital (PT2)

Here in Part 2, Kevin Smith & Tavi Costa of Crescat Capital make the very compelling case that gold, silver and the precious metals mining companies are poises for tremendous...

The Bull Case For Stocks & What Bears Get Wrong About The Market | Nadine Terman of CNBCs Fast Money

The majority of the recent experts featured on this program have been very skeptical of today’s richly-valued markets and have urged investors to take caution. To avoid the echo chamber effect,...

The Great Resignation: Will The Millions Quitting Their Jobs Now Come To Regret It?

Right now, a record number of workers are quitting their jobs — 4.4 million last month alone —  at a time when employers are desperate to hire. The reasons why are many....

Rare John Hussman Interview: We’re In The Biggest Speculative Price Bubble In Modern History

By most metrics, today’s financial assets have never been more richly-valued. Bears fear this is another asset bubble that will destructively implode. But bulls just smile and count their money,...

John Hussman: Investing For The Inevitable Bursting of Today’s Stock Market Bubble (PT2)

If you haven’t yet watched Part 1 of our discussion with John in which he explains why he think we’re in the largest asset price bubble in US history and...

Will Hedge Funds Ultimately Own ALL Our Homes, Making Us A Nation Of Renters? | Ivy Zelman (PT1)

I recently tweeted out this chart from CoreLogic, showing how a rising percentage of single family homes are being purchased by investors – nearly 1 in 4: The chart really...

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