Will Russia Sanctions Trigger A Worldwide Credit Crisis? | Gordon Long

The world has quickly become less stable over the first 2 months of 2022. Financial system stability, especially in the all-important bond market, was eroding at a concerning pace prior...

Russia Sanctions Sure To Create Painful & Unexpected Ripple Effects | Brent Johnson

With the world issuing new economic sanctions on Russia following its current incursion into Ukraine, the value of the Russian ruble, as measured in dollars, is plunging. News reports abound...

WAR! Will Ukraine Conflict De-Stabilize Markets?

The markets gave investors whiplash this week as Russian forces entered Ukraine. Why did stocks first plunge, then rally so violently on the news? And what impact is this war likely...

Best Assets To Own Now: Danielle DiMartino Booth, Lyn Alden, Stephanie Pomboy & Ivy Zelman

The roundtable of top macro experts Danielle DiMartino Booth, Lyn Alden, Stephanie Pomboy & Ivy Zelman continues here in Part 2. Watch Part 1 Here: “Dream Team” Roundtable: Alden, DiMartino...

Macro Dream Team: Lyn Alden, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Stephany Pomboy & Ivy Zelman

We’re not quite 2 months through the year yet and still 2022 is proving to be one of the most uncertain & challenging years for investors since the Global Financial...

The Most Beautiful Pure Gold Nugget You’ll Ever See

This video is a fun — and I think pretty fascinating – update to the field trip I took back in December to see the world’s largest crystalline gold nugget....

Luke Gromen: China Locking Up Key Global Resources By Exploiting US Dollar System

Geopolitical risk has been relatively subdued as an investment theme over the past decade. But it’s now moving quickly to the forefront, as today’s headlines about Ukraine, Russia & NATO...

Why US Treasury Bonds Are A ‘Buy’ Despite Fed’s Plan To Hike Interest Rates

Buy bonds when the Fed is planning to hike interest rates? Yes, it sounds counterintuitive. But financial analyst Lance Roberts thinks there’s a good case to be made for owning...

Doomberg: Energy & Economic Crises Are Resulting From Our Bone-Headed Policies

Spiking energy prices in oil, natural gas and other key fuels are the direct result from bone-headed policies. Doomberg returns to remind us that “energy is life”, and when you...

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